As experienced bloggers and writers of blogs for a wide range of businesses we know that blogging can sometimes be hard. If you are the business owner and you create all the blog posts for your business website or maybe you are the person in the office that has been given the job of blog writer for your business then this could be a blog that will be of great interest.

In this blog post we want to give motivation and inspiration to those new to writing blog posts for their business. It can be pretty tough, especially when you’re brand new so hopefully this blog post will help you keep at it.

Never Give Up

Sometimes you may look at the traffic to your business blog posts and feel low as few people have viewed them or nobody has commented on them but it’s important to remember that those that stick at blogging and don’t give up are the ones that win.

Write Often

Constantly try and capture your ideas and turn them into business blog posts, it’s a really good idea to write blog posts as often as possible but remember it’s quality over quantity. We always recommend that businesses blog at least once or twice a week but don’t ever blog for bloggings sake because your readers will notice that and it may turn them off.

Expect Critics

You’ll get critics and you may get some trolls too, but the only reason they found you is because you’re doing something right. People hating you is often jealousy and may often be your competitors – while they are ‘hating on you’ they aren’t focusing on their own business so don’t let it both you. Be prepared to have critics but don’t let them bring you down.

Get Inspired

The only way that you can inspire others is if you are getting regularly inspired yourself. When you’re feeling empty of inspiration your blog posts will not be as inspirational and interesting as others so when your inspiration bank is empty, make sure you fill it up.

If you’re worried that your blog posts aren’t working for you and you’d like them reviewed then give us a call. We can also supply one off blog posts that you can use so you can make sure you’re doing the blog posts right.