As an associate of Talentino I needed at least 4 people in business to sign up as mentors to mentor a group of up to 8 special needs students in Peterborough, of course the more mentors that signed up the more special needs students across Peterborough I would be able to help so the sky really is the limit for this incredible project.

I am really pleased to confirm that we have hit the minimum of 4 people from businesses in Peterborough that have said they would be a mentor with this project and of course we are really happy with this; that is up to 32 special needs who will be receiving group mentoring on topics that will help them in the future.

We wanted to find out what it was that made businesses so interested in this mentor project in Peterborough and this is what some of the amazing businesses that have signed up had to say;

Graham Rodger, Director of Eastpac said;

“As a business owner (as well as a parent), I was interested in Talentino’s vision to support via a mentoring program students with special needs in Peterborough; Having been involved in education before, it is very rewarding to see children progress through learning, taking charge of their own progression and achieving.  By getting involved in this mentoring program, I see it as an opportunity to encourage and support these students to reach out to fulfil their vision and ambitions.”

Rachel Mulholland, Owner of Forbes Training Ltd said;

“I have signed up as a mentor as I am lucky enough to have had some amazing role models and mentors throughout my working life, without which I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have today. I would like to try and emulate this and help people achieve their goals. I think having someone who can relate to the challenges you are facing and be there to offer support, even if they don’t have the answers, is hugely encouraging. I hope to be able to make a difference to people and play a part in helping them to achieve their aspirations.”

These are just two of the people in business that has joined the Talentino mentoring program and their reasons. If you would like to be a mentor too or want to find out more about the project please contact Hazel Cottrell directly who would be happy to answer any queries you may have.