As you will know from my numerous posts on social media and blogs of updates on the website, I have been involved in Peterborough Light Project, a project that gives homeless people of Peterborough a roof over their heads for the colder months of the year. They are also given a cooked evening meal and breakfast along with help and support to find accommodation and a job, as well as health care and such like.

I have got to know one of the homeless people really well; he is a polite, friendly, intelligent and articulate gentleman who is homeless as a result of an addiction to alcohol and the breakdown of a marriage. This guy is someone I would quite happily talk to in the local pub and subsequently become a friend over time, he is a nice guy and I wanted to do something more to help him.

In conversation he told me he was keen on photography and would like to go to college to learn more, maybe even go out with and shadow a photographer to learn more, we then get onto the conversation of drones and the amazing photos that can be taken with drones and it gave me an idea – this was my chance to do something more.

When I got home I contacted two business contacts who I knew shared my thoughts on the community; Shashi who runs a company called Mister Droneboy and Dan who runs a company called Dan Waters Creative Photography. I gave them a brief overview of the situation and asked what they could do to help and I was thrilled that they were both more than happy to offer him some support.

I saw the guy last night and gave him the contact details of both Shashi and Dan, he was over the moon with the effort I had gone to, to help him. If I’m honest I really didn’t think I had done that much, but I had made someone that happy and overwhelmed by my kindness for sending just two messages? I felt brilliant.

I’d like to take this chance to thank both Dan and Shashi for allowing me to make someone so happy and grateful, but I would also like to thank Ajay of Snacks by Aj. Ajay saw my posts on social media and asked how he could help, after connecting him with the organiser he is now delivering food at one of the evening venues for the homeless and volunteers present on that evening.

Helping the homeless is a great feeling, but helping others to help the homeless too? Well that feels even better!