We recently wrote a blog post about taking stock of Creative Networking and looking at how successful it had been and if we were to carry it on. The networking group in Peterborough wasn’t set up to make money, so when taking stock of Creative Networking we were looking at what the attendees got out of it. 

We received loads of great feedback of Creative Networking events. Here are some more examples below;

Carla of First Aid Confidence: “My business was very new when I started attending Creative Networking and I found Hazel to be very approachable and supportive. In the last few months I have found Creative Networking events to be incredibly beneficial to my business as they encourage experiences and advice to be shared and there is always a guest speaker who offers words of wisdom that can be applied to me and/or my business. Creative Networking has helped my confidence to grow, increased my network of contacts and provided focus and motivation to help me drive my business forward all whilst spending time with lovely people!”

Ellen of Ellen Jackson Videographer: “Creative Networking is great! Not only has it helped me build the confidence I needed to network at ease, but it has also introduced me to lots of great contacts in and around Peterborough. The events attract a friendly group of people, and it’s always a lovely atmosphere.  I have gone from someone who never wanted to go networking to never missing a session. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! Whether you’re new to networking or a pro – come along! Plus Hazel is a wiz on social media, so it’s great coverage for your business. “

James of 360 Cleaning Services: “I can say that we find creative networking extremely beneficial and enjoyable. From building up contacts to gaining advice, it is a brilliant and varied way of networking, which you can fit in around yourself and your business.”

Louise of Saunders & Lee: “Creative Networking is a friendly group where everyone is made to feel super welcome.”

Richard of BMA Ltd: “Networking is a vital, and in my opinion, a very cheap way in meeting up with people and Hazel’s business does a good job in getting people together to meet that target. The Creative Networking events that Hazel organises have such a friendly outlook”

Shirley of 5iftyfournine: “I really enjoy Creative Networking, with a lot of familiar faces and a surprising group of new contacts too. I think Hazel and her team do a fantastic job and I look forward to attending many more events.”

Melissa of Lady Chocolate Ltd: “Creative Networking events are awesome for small businesses because they are membership fee free and attendance is not compulsory. It’s great to meet like-minded business persons that are involved and actively looking to help each other out. Creative Networking events keep to the true values of network marketing”

Why not come along to a Creative Networking event soon as see what it’s all about? You might find you like it!