I would just like to say an extremely heartfelt thank-you to all the amazing people who have taken the time out to nominate me for any award – I am truly grateful and it means a lot that you have stopped what you are doing to write something nice about little old me.

Hot off the press – I have just found out that I have been nominated for 3 awards within the DevelopHER Awards East Anglia and these awards are as follows;

Award Name: Entrepreneur Award

Award Voting Criteria: Know the female Mark Zuckerberg? Someone who’s always coming up with tonnes of ideas or runs their own company? Nominate them for the Entrepreneur award

As well as

Award Name: Inspiration Award

Award Voting Criteria: Is there someone who has been a massive inspiration to you throughout your career, who you really look up to – Nominate them for this award

And also

Award Name: Unsung Hero Award

Award Voting Criteria: Do you work with someone that isn’t often in the limelight but does an amazing job day in day out? Do you think they deserve some recognition?

Two years ago I was lucky enough to win the Unsung Hero Award 2015, in 2016 I was a finalist for Inspiration Award and I won the Unsung Hero Award 2016 and now this year I have been nominated for 3 awards and will find out in the next few weeks if I managed to make the final cut.

These awards mean so much to me, I work hard in the community and in my business to try and create a better community and business community for everyone – by being noticed for these awards I am given the chance to encourage other people in business to do great things for their community.

Although I never find out who nominated me for the award I can assure you, whoever you may be, that I am very, very, very grateful and I cannot thank you enough.