When it comes to social media, the key is being social. There is no point just sharing adverts and sales for your business. Instead, you should use social media to engage with your audience. It can also be used to tell your audience more about who you are. This will then help with the relationship building. In this blog post we share ideas of things to post on social media in April 2021. These ideas should give you some inspiration of what you can post on social media in April.

Of course, the biggest event of April is Easter. This year it is on Sunday 4th April. Meaning that Good Friday is 2nd April and the start of the long bank holiday weekend. It’s a good idea to share easter egg puns for this long weekend over Easter. Have a little bit of tacky and egg-citing fun with it.

However, there are other national months, weeks and days in April. We have put together some of the best national days as ideas of things for you to post on social media in April 2021. Have a look at our ideas below:

National Months of April:

  • Move More In April – how will you be moving more this month. If it is relevant to your business, talk about the benefits of moving more too.
  • National Card and Letter Writing Month – when was the last time you write a card or letter? What do you love about receiving cards or letters?
  • National Pet Month – photo of your pet and share why you love your pet so much.
  • Tulip Month – what is your favourite flower?

National Weeks of April:

  • Laugh at Work Week: 1-7 – what is your favourite joke?
  • Explore Your Career Options: 5-9 – what job did you want as a child?
  • Money Smart Week: 10-17 – tips for being smarter with money
  • National Dance Week: 16-25 – what is your favourite song to dance for / what song never fails to get your feet tapping?
  • National Volunteer Week18-24 – Have you ever volunteered? Who did you volunteer for? What did you enjoy about it and what did you get out of it?

National Days of April:

  • International Children’s Book Day: 2 – what was your favourite book as a child?
  • National Handmade Day: 7 – what was the last thing you made by hand (photo please)
  • National Walking Day: 7 – what is your favourite local walk?
  • It’s National Gardening Day: 14 – top gardening tip or why you enjoy gardening
  • Husband Appreciation Day: 17 – tell us what you appreciate most about your husband
  • National Superhero Day: 28 – have you seen any acts of superhero-ness during lockdown?
  • World Wish Day: 29 – if you could make a wish for anything; what would it be?

Don’t forget to use the national day week or month as the hashtag when using these ideas of things to post on social media in April. Please tag us too, as we would love to see how you are using our ideas.

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