Have you noticed that you’ve seen a lot less of the above bright, friendly and colourful logo recently? I, Hazel overstayed my welcome at Geek Designs office at Tesla Court in Lynchwood and I am now very lucky to be enjoying my new shared office at Norman Cross Gallery (which has a lot less traffic at rush hour!) so you will have seen our colourful car a lot less. We have been here since April and the time has flown by.

If you’ve missed the logo then you’re more than welcome to come and see us at our new home in Norman Cross, the car is always outside and we can even give you a coffee and some cake with a lovely new pen – so you won’t have to miss our logo too much more!

Tell you what, if you give us enough notice we may even pop to the new Krispy Kreme down the road and grab you a freshly made donut? Plus you can have a tour round the art gallery, where our office is, and see all the amazing art work that is displayed, or learn the history of Norman Cross Gallery, an old prisoner of war camp.

Then we can chat about what each other do and how we can maybe work together?

So what are you waiting for? This is a chance to see some incredible art work, have a Krispy Kreme donut, learn some history of Peterborough and chat to a lovely, local and like-minded business – and you get a free pen too!

Let us know when you’d like to meet us!

Many Thanks,

Hazel Cottrell

Owner & Founder of Creative Content Company

01733 698950

p.s – did you know our logo is actually 3 C’s and not a rainbow? We can tell you more when we meet if you’d like?