Having built up 10 years of experience working and networking with a wide range of local businesses, the team here at Creative Content Company are often asked for recommendations. Recently we shared our preferred WordPress website designer. Now, we would like to recommend our preferred user experience consultant. This is Rebecca from Pixel Guides, and she is a User Experience Consultant, and our preferred partner for this service.

I have known Rebecca for around 2 years on the personal and work side. Rebecca and I used to play netball on the same team, and now play against each other regularly. As we got chatting, I learnt more about how Rebecca helps her clients and how she could help our clients (you).

On the face of it, Rebecca does web design. But user experience is much more than just that. It goes far deeper than just putting some colours, pictures and fonts together on a page. However, that is part of the UI phase. UX looks at the flow of your website, ensuring users can fulfil a task you (the business) set out for them to complete. Good UX (user experience) will ensure your business looks professional, trustworthy and sometimes fun. You wouldn’t give your money to an online bank if the interface was a mess, or you couldn’t find your money straight away. That’s where Rebecca can help as out preferred user experience consultant.

Pixel Guides and Rebecca can help with restricting your website. Maybe you have lost some content, or your goals have changed for example? She can also add additional features to your website that your audience will love but you have never considered. Rebecca can work on a complete rebrand or start your web presence from scratch. She can explore your business through research. From this she will create the wireframing and then move into design. This is where she can bring your brand to life with colour, animation and general ‘prettiness’.

We asked Rebecca is she would be pleased to be our preferred partner as a user experience consultant, and this is what she had to say:

“I’m pleased to partner with Creative Content Company because they are clearly experts when it comes to social media and working with local businesses. We are always looking for new innovative ways to help business and clients. Just like Hazel and our team, we are not just doing the same thing time and time again. This is why it’s really exciting to work alongside a company like Creative Content Company.”

Want to know more about how a user experience consultant could help your business? Contact Rebecca now. If you need help with your website content and online presence, then speak to Hazel and her team.