Mastering the art of social media comes a lot easier to some than others. In this blog post we share some top tips with you to help you with mastering the art of social media. Check out the tips below to see how they can help you. If you need more help contact us about social media training or we can arrange to support you with posting on your social media accounts.

Profile Optimising

Think carefully about the avatar you use. This is what people will see every time you post. A photo of you out drinking might not be the best option. However, is a logo the best way to promote your business? Make sure your bio is interesting and informative. Include your keywords so people can clearly see your areas of expertise.


Use the same names across all the social media channels you have a presence. This will make it easier for your target audience to find and follow you on all platforms, and it will feature in Google too. The other benefit of profile name consistency is that your audience will easily be able to recommend and tag you on any social media platform when they want to recommend your services or products.

Be Real

You need to share business content, but it’s important to share other content too. As we are always saying here at Creative Content Company “People buy People”. You need to share things about you and your business, behind the scenes and stories. This helps your audience get to know the real you, which will increase engagement and relationship building too.

Stay Positive

Especially during times like this, you need to stay positive. This is not just for your own peace of mind. Research shows that people love social media accounts that motivate and inspire others. They also love social media accounts that make them smile. These posts are also more likely to be shared. This will expand your reach and open you to a wider audience as well – all while making you feel better!

React & Answer

There is no point in creating engaging posts if you’re not going to respond. If you’re asking questions you’re going to reactions and engagement. Respond to this. Engage with your audience and help build those relationships. This is what will lead to client loyalty, recommendations and a great social media reach for your business.