The wedding season is well and truly upon us. The picturesque weather at this time of year means that many people have weddings filling their calendars throughout the summer months. The interesting thing about this is that you are likely to have customers attending a wedding. Regardless of age, most people know someone getting married. What you need to do is think of how you can go about marketing your business in the wedding season.

It doesn’t matter what industry or business you are in. There will always be at least one way you can go about marketing your business in wedding season. Even if your business doesn’t relate perfectly to weddings, there is always a way to make it work. That’s what we look at in this blog post. There is a huge amount of people attending weddings this season. How will you be marketing your business in the wedding season?

Of course, the obvious things are custom gifts, wedding flowers, party entertainment and decorations. If your business offers these things, then marketing your business in the wedding season is easy. However, there are other businesses that help with weddings too.

For example, are you a hotel or a taxi company? Wedding guests need somewhere to stay and a way to get to the wedding. Get promoting your services for wedding guests. It’s the same for makeup artists, tanning salons and hairdressers too. Wedding guests want to look their best for the wedding. Are you a restaurant that can offer a space for a rehearsal dinner or a catch up for family members after the wedding? Get this promoted too.

How about all the other businesses? There are ideas for them too. Catteries and kennels can offer pet care while guests are at weddings. Recruitment consultants can offer temporary staff while employees are off work attending weddings. Marketing companies can offer marketing support when employees or business owners are planning their own weddings.

Marketing for your business, any time of the year, is about thinking outside the box. Find ways to relate with your target audience around the wedding season. Chances are they are attending a wedding in the next few months. Think about how you can relate your business to that.

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