First things first – start early! When it comes to marketing your business at Halloween you need to get started soon. To be honest, as soon as you finish reading this blog post would be a great time to start marketing your business for Halloween.

Start your Halloween online marketing with a plan. Think about how you’re going to link your business, services and products to Halloween. Using words like scary, frightening, spooky and similar is a great start. What will your online marketing include?

Think about Halloween themed blog posts and videos. We have recently written a Halloween themed blog for an electrician about things that go bump in the night. It’s about thinking outside the box and how you can relate your business to Halloween. Maybe share ways in which competitor businesses can be scary. Alternatively, you can share ways you take the fright away from something with your service or product.

Why not decorate the office or yourself? Sharing the ‘behind the scenes’ photos of the business, the office or you and your team makes your business more real. ‘You’ are what makes your business different. Make it easy for people to get to know the real you in everything you do. Photos of you, the office and your team looking scary at Halloween is a great way of doing this.

Think about a Facebook competition. Maybe a free carved pumpkin, Halloween treats or a spooky cake as the prize? Run a like and share competition to grow your social media audience. Don’t forget to choose the winner in a video and share photos online. This shows the competition was fair and boost engagement from the winner and those that know them too.

How about changing your social media graphics? If you have a well-known and easily recognisable logo then why not make it spooky. This could be in the form of ‘O’s turned into pumpkins, the business name on a broomstick or ghosts around your logo. It’s a small touch but it can make a real impact on your social media presence. You could do the same with your logo on your website too.

How about some Halloween themed hashtags that are relevant to your business? Look around at popular hashtags or consider your own. Then, when you share are Halloween posts, videos or photos you can use the hashtag to grab more attention for them.

If you need help coming up with social media ideas or you’re finding that you don’t have time to post on social media for your business – call our team!