Want to have some fun with your marketing this Halloween? Why not! Now is a great time to have a little fun with marketing for your business. Halloween always seems to be the starting point for people to start getting excited about Christmas and the upcoming festive season.

Halloween is a lot of fun for kids, and there are loads of ways it can be fun for your business too. We recently shared a blog post about marketing your business at Halloween. However, in this blog post we have a little bit more fun. We wanted to share with you some marketing straplines for your business at Halloween.

Have a read of our fun marketing straplines for your business at Halloween. And think about how you can use them for your Halloween themed blog posts and social media updates during the spooky season.

  • Don’t be frightened about ‘this thing’ because we offer ‘this service’ to take the fright away for you.
  • Are you ‘too scared’ to do this thing? Well there is no need. We can take the scare and worry away from your with ‘this service or product’.
  • Find that you get nervous about ‘this’? Then speak to our team. We are experts at ‘this thing’ so we can take away the nervousness for you while we get the job done.
  • Does the thought of ‘this thing’ make your blood run cold? Don’t worry, we can look after it for you.
  • Do you let out a blood curdling scream when you think of ‘this thing’? Then speak to our team. We can make it all much easier for you.

It’s a good idea to think about all the scary words and work on some alliteration too. For example, words like fearful, frightening, ghoulish, scary, terrifying, haunting and similar. These can be used with your services or products.

This is something we have used in our own marketing straplines for Halloween. We spoke about terrified of Twitter, Fearful of Facebook and scared of SEO content. A little bit of alliteration can work really well in marketing straplines for your business at Halloween.

We look forward to seeing the marketing straplines you use for your business this Halloween. But remember, it’s okay to have a little fun.