We have all heard the saying “It’s like riding a bike!” This is meant to mean when you hop on your back 10 years after you have first ridden its easy. Everything comes back to you. You remember exactly what you did before and it’s simple.

But is it?

Marketing Is Like Riding A Bike

During lock down I decided I wanted to ride a bike. The main issue being that I no longer had a bike. I hadn’t ridden a bike in years, but I was sure it would be fine. So, I bought a bike. I had dreams of hopping on my bike and confidently riding off into the sunset. Well, for the next hour of my allowed exercise time at least!

What happened wasn’t exactly that.

I gingerly got on my bike, leaving one foot on the ground. Next, I pushed myself along with the foot on the ground until I was confident enough to lift my foot on the bike. I was down the end of the road before I felt that confidence. Next, I wobbled round a bush and subsequently fell into the bush. This proved it is not like ‘riding a bike’. Unless “It’s like riding a bike!” means nervous, wobbly and embarrassing.

But this got my thinking. What is marketing is like riding a bike?

Lots of businesses have put their marketing on hold during the lock down. They have hopes of returning to marketing for their business with confidence, a coolness and ultimate success. But will it be that easy?

The audience you have spent time building up on social media will be used to you posting and engaging. All of a sudden you stopped for a few months. Now you’re back and you need to build that engagement and trust back up again. This will not be easy and it will take time.

The same goes for your blog posts. You spent time increasing the SEO of your website. Google saw you were posting new content on your website and staying active. Then Google saw you stop. Google robots stopped visiting your site so often and your SEO didn’t improve. Instead those businesses that continued blogging or started blogging more rose above you on search engines. You now need to start again, to boost that SEO and traffic to your website.

Marketing Is Like Riding A Bike

If for you marketing is like riding a bike; nervously, with minimal confidence and a lot of embarrassment – then give us a call. We can look after your blog writing and social media posting during lock down. We can schedule posts to keep you active and your audience engaged.