In this current time business owners no longer need to ask themselves if they should be using social media, instead they should be asking themselves how they will use social media for their business and who will manage their social media for them.

Every business needs to be using social media, but different social media platforms will suit different businesses, industries and customers so don’t spend time putting your business on every single social media platform, instead select the one, two or even three social media platforms that will get you the engagement and interaction from your target audience.

There are so many benefits of using social media for your business but when research was completed with small business owners, these are the top three benefits that business owners found of using social media for their business;

* 85% of business owners asked said that the main benefit of using social media for their business was to gain more business exposure.

* 69% of business owners asked said that they felt a main benefit of using social media to promote their business was the increased traffic to their website, which led to sales.

* 65% of business owners felt that a benefit of using social media for their business was that they were able to provide a marketplace insight and therefore stand out against the competition.

However, putting your business on social media may sound easier said than done, but it needs to be looked after. You need to be regularly posting on your social media platforms and engaging with your fans and followers – this is the bit that puts many businesses off promoting themselves on social media as they don’t have the time to look after their business on social media.

That is why many small business owners are turning to companies like Creative Content Company for help with social media. We can offer social media training to help you understand some tricks to manage your social media in house, or we offer social media management so you can outsource your business social media accounts to us to look after for you.