When it comes to using LinkedIn as a networking tool, you need to make sure you are maintaining LinkedIn connections, just as you would maintain in-person networking connections. You need to check who you are engaging with. By creating a strong group of contacts online, you will benefit your business and get your marketing message to the right audience.

You may receive a wide range of connection requests and it’s important to note you don’t have to keep them. We have had people asking for money for dead relatives abroad, we have won the Nigerian lottery and even been proposed to. Some connections have sold at us, others have been competing businesses trying to steal clients from us.

It’s not just about maintaining LinkedIn connections; it’s about having the right LinkedIn connections too. So, how are you filtering out your connections to ones of benefit and time wasters?

We send a friendly welcome message to all connection requests. The first message will say something like this. This is as example of a message that was sent early March this year.

Good Morning!

I hope you’re well. Any exciting plans for the weekend ahead? I think I’m more excited for Monday as the lockdown roadmap allows me to meet a friend for a coffee, which I am really excited about.

How are things with you?

Thanks for the recent connection request. What was it that attracted you to my profile?



We will send more friendly messages like this over the next few weeks for a few months. Some will include links to useful blogs posts or even invites to events. These messages will continue for 3-4 months, if we have no response.

If, 3-4 months later we have still had no response, we can only presume they are not using LinkedIn properly to grow their business, so how will they help grow our business?

At this point the following message is sent and we un-connect with the person.


I’ve tried to make contact a few times in response to the connection request you sent me over 5 months ago, but to no avail. I can only presume the connection request was sent in error.



You also need to maintain LinkedIn connections on a regular basis. Pop through your connections every few months and just touch base with them. This is like reminding them who you are. You are putting yourself at the forefront of their minds in case they might need you, or here of someone that needs your business offerings.

Our LinkedIn social media training isn’t all about posting on the platform. We cover how to manage the platform, what to post and who to engage with too. If you need help managing your LinkedIn presence, call our team now.