Research shows that the longer people spend on your website, the more likely they are to purchase from your business. So, how can you get people to spend more time on your website? Well, it’s been proven that longer blogs increase time spent on your website.

It really is true that the longer your blog posts are, the longer people will spend on your website. In turn, they will be more likely to check the other awesome content on your website. This will result in them spending even more time on your website. More time spent on your website means that the consumer is more likely to purchase from you too.

Neil Patel did some research on how longer blog posts increase time spent on your website too. He found that visitors to your website will spend 40% more time on a page with longer content. This is compared to a standard page with less content.

Further to this, his research found that the visitor spending time reading the longer posts and more time on your website will also look at 25% more pages. This is compared to the average user of a website without longer blog posts.

So, longer blogs increase time spent on your website and on the page. However, all users will leave the blog post eventually. What happens next is down to you.

Your longer blog posts could lead to similar blog posts or other blog posts of interest. You could have a link to subscribe to your newsletter for example. This way you can turn visitors to your blog posts into subscribers of your newsletter. A link to the sales of the product or service the blog spoke about is a good idea too.

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