For those that have read previous blog posts from us, you will know how we work on Linkedin – if we do not recognise your name, photo or business and there is no personalised message we will send a message similar to the following;

Good Afternoon Simon Cowell,

I hope you are well and having a productive December thus far; it’s certainly been a busy one here at Creative Content Company HQ.

Thank you for your recent connection request, however without a personalised message I am unsure how I can help?

I do look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many Thanks,

Hazel Cottrell

Over the next month we will send a message once or twice a week that will talk about different things such as links to blogs they may find useful, invites to networking events or updates on what we are doing. If there is still no response one month later (Linkedin has the timer so you can see) then a message like the following will be sent;

Good Afternoon,

Thank you again for your connection request, but having tried to contact for multiple times for over a month and having no response I can only presume the connection was sent in error.

Please remember that Linkedin is a first impression of you and your business for many you have not met before, so even if the connection request is sent in error it can be a good idea to email or respond to contact to show yourself in the best possible light.

I hope you are having a wonderful December and enjoy the Christmas break.

Kind Regards,


And surely this message makes sense; if you were to phone the wrong number in error and the person answered you wouldn’t just hang up on them – so why is it okay to do this on Linkedin? When you managing social media it is important to remember you are managing your brand – the way you behave is the way your brand is perceived.

If you’d like help on social media management for your business please contact us directly; we would be only too happy to help.