As you may have seen in previous blogs around the winter period, I have been involved in Light Project Peterborough for the last 2 years over the colder winter months; the project is back up and running for this year and this blog post is to tell you a little more and see if you would like to get involved?

This year Light Project Peterborough will begin on 11th December 2017 and run right through until 11st March 2018; but to cover the shifts over this length of time volunteers are needed to donate their time.

Last year 44 homeless people came through Light Project Peterborough and 23 of these were moved on into suitable accommodation, this year the project aims to achieve more but can only increase its impact with the help of volunteers.

There are various shifts available on different days and these are the evening shift, where you make their beds, prepare their food, eat with the guests and then play games / chat until lights out at 10pm.

Next is the night shift where you can sleep through the shift, stay awake through the shift or do half and half dependant on the other volunteer on that shift; you are there in case there are any concerns through the night and to talk to the guests if they want to.

This is followed by the morning shift where you prepare breakfast and eat breakfast with the guests, help them make their beds and then wait with the guests while their taxi arrives to take them back to the city centre.

The 4th shift takes place at a central venue, you will welcome the guests and make them a cup of team, make them feel at home and explain the project before they are picked up by a taxi and taken to the venue for that evening; they attend a different venue for the night each day of the week.

If you would like to get involved please email Steven at [email protected] and say you heard about the project through Hazel; it would be great to have you on board!