You may have seen my pictures of freshly made beds, freshly baked cakes and freshly cream squirted hot chocolates over the last few months.

Or perhaps you have seen my request for wellington boots or updates of the project and you’ve been wondering what Light Project Peterborough and the Winter Night Shelter actually means, what we usually achieve or what we have achieved this year.

I am now giving you that opportunity to find out more – it’s the . This isn’t a sales pitch for you to volunteer next year; instead it is a celebration of what we have achieved from 11th Dec 2017 until 11th March 2018 for our homeless guests.

The event is on Saturday 17th March, 6.30pm at the Salvation Army Citadel (1203 Bourges Boulevard, PE1 2AU); there is lots of free parking available there are in surrounding car parks.

During this evening we will hear good news stories from many involved, volunteers and hopefully some of our guests. We will find out about all the shifts involved in the project, the different venues and the mentoring and befriending program that has been introduced to take our homeless guests to that next step in their lives.

Please do bring some food to share, as after a few presentations of this year’s work, there will be time to relax and enjoy one another’s company over food. 

If you would like to hear more about this project then please visit the website;

I really do hope you will be able to make it as it’s an incredible local project that has some fantastic achievements that I think you’d be interested to hear about.