Light Project Peterborough and the Winter Night Shelter ended as of 11th March and we have had our celebration service to look back on the achievements and thoughts of the project as well as the successes during the 3 months of the project.

This is the 1st of two blog posts talking about Light Project Peterborough, this one talks about the successes in the ‘results’ world, but my second blog post shares the successes and feedback from New Haven which was the venue where I was volunteer shift leader for the three months of the project.

  • There were a total of 169 volunteers taking part in Light Project Peterborough and the Winter Night Shelter from 11th December until 11th March
  • Although only 7 churches were used for accommodation overnight a total of 28 churches were involved altogether
  • We had many people who were unable to volunteer on the project and these people prayed daily for the project, this amounted to a total of 43 people praying daily
  • From 11th December until 11th March a total of 605 beds were occupied out of a possible 728 beds during the whole project; which just goes to show how needed our beds and accommodation were and still are.
  • During the project, from start to finish, a total of 42 different guests stayed with us
  • The biggest result and success I feel is that a grand total of 22 of our guests that were homeless have now moved on to more secure accommodation as a result of the project

This is a fabulous project and could not work if it wasn’t for the hard work of all involved – well done everyone that got involved, for making Peterborough a better place for everyone, and for really turning some people’s lives around!

If you’d like to find out more about this project please do not hesitate to contact Hazel directly or Google ‘Light Project Peterborough’.