As we are all aware there are lots of scam emails going around and some are cleverer than others, the one I received this morning was certainly more worrying than normal as I presumed that my account had been hacked an invoice sent in error – but a quick check of the email address told that as of 12hours ago (8pm on 3rd August) this email had been logged as a spam / malware / virus on Google.

This is latest spam email going round – do not reply or respond to the email, just delete it!

This morning I received the following email;

“This is too much.I am sorry but i can not agree to this bullshit.

Thank you.

Casey Martinez

Phone: 401-564-3751 x114

Estimating Fax: 440-560-7516

Main Office Fax: 484-564-1722

Sent from my iPad Pro

On Mon, July 31, 2017 at 09:26 , wrote:

     You can find the july invoice below:

   Invoice Link

     E-mail me the bank confirmation invoice, once you have paid it, at .

     Thank you!


Of course there are things in this email that made me aware it definitely wasn’t an email from me. Firstly, Angela sends out all my invoices and not me, secondly Angela creates a friendlier version of a note with the invoice and we wouldn’t ask for the bank confirmation either – and finally; we know all our clients and ‘Casey’ isn’t one of them.

This is why the second concern was that we had been hacked and the email sent from our account – in cases like this the best thing to do is copy and paste the email address into Google to see if anything has been logged and this is when we found out it had.

The presumption is that the company will be so big and impersonal they don’t know who all their clients are and will either reply to the email or open up the link to the invoice and this is when the malware virus then takes over.

Always be cautious with emails and links!