When it comes to creating a great email newsletter, make sure you keep it short. Ideally you are aiming for no more than three or four scrolls – if it goes over that then your email newsletter is too long so we recommend you snip it back.

It’s important to remember that you are sending out email newsletters to your contacts because you have great, interesting and engaging information to share but that doesn’t mean you need to drop it all into one email newsletter where it could get lost.

Some business owners and email newsletter creators do find it hard to condense all the information they want to share, right down into one email newsletter so it is sometimes wise to create a table of contents.

A table of contents all the receiver of the email newsletter to see all of the stories, articles and information that are included, but it’s all right at the top of the newsletter so they can click to the part they want to see or the part that interests them, and go directly to it.

The worry of your email newsletter being too long is that the receiver will get tired or bored of scrolling and not bother going all the way down to the end of the email newsletters, therefore missing whatever great things are further down in the email. It’s important that you remember some of the receivers of the email newsletters will be seeing the newsletter on their phone and time is too limited to scroll down and down a newsletter.

Bullet points are a really good way of condensing text, they make information really easy to read and the receiver can skim right through the email while soaking up all the important information that you want them to see.

Another great way of making a newsletter shorter, and increasing the traffic through to your website, is by summarising a story or article and then including a ‘read more’ button where the reader can click through to read the full story or find out more.

Have you got any other tips you would like to share for making your email newsletters shorter?