Hi Guys,

As promised, the much anticipated record of the month for January. This month we want to break the record for the fastest time to write “The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog” five times. The current world record is held by a man called Nikesh Thapaliya from Kathmundo. He has held the record of 50.81seconds since 6th March 2011.

The rules are that you can have your pen and paper ready, this paper can have the numbers 1 to 5 listed down the side if you feel this will help? You need to complete each sentence fully before moving on to the next sentence and there must be no spelling errors. When attempting to break the record you must have someone filming you and a timer on show.

Applicants for breaking the record must apply by 31st January 2014 by emailing a video to the team at Creative Content Company or pop a link to your video in the comments below. The winner will be sent a certificate that they can frame and hang in a place of glory for all the world to see.

What are you waiting for? Go break this record!