We recently saw a post on Linkedin that spoke about people in online marketing being expected to know everything and be able to not only set up social media accounts and run them successfully, but also design websites, be a proficient graphic designer, web developer, content writer, PR specialist, Google Adwords expert and many other skills, some a lot more random than others.

Here at Creative Content Company I will often be asked what I do and when explaining we offer social media training for people that don’t know how to use social media, social media management for people that don’t have time for social media and website content / blog posts which is basically the words for your website that help a business improve their social media and get seen on Google we are often asked in response if we can fix their computer or that they actually need help with their website design an explain what they need us to do to fix it.

To explain what I do in the most basic sense, I use a word document to write blog posts and website content and I go on Facebook and other social media platforms; this is as far as my technical awareness goes – web design and IT issues is not my bag at all. It is an area that I have minimal knowledge – but of course I could gain knowledge in these areas… but do I want to?

The responses to another person’s post on Linkedin were literally split down the middle with some in support of her and saying we had to have out areas of knowledge and experience while others explained how they felt they had to know it all to be able to compete with larger digital agencies.

Here at Creative Content Company we take pride in being a small (but perfectly formed) online marketing company; we don’t claim to be able to do it all but we do promise to do our best in every service we offer. If we don’t think we can do it then we will tell you – just see our blog of honesty being the best policy for proof of this.

For us it is about being a Master of One; we don’t want to be the go-to shop for everything online, we want to be the people that you think of when you need social media support or website content and if you need another service we have people we can recommend.

But what are your thoughts? Is it better to be a Jack of All Trades or is the risk then that you will be a master of none?