As you will know from previous blog posts about doing something every day that scares me, and therefore accepting the kind offer from Mike at Positive Networking to be Guest Host, and then the follow up blog inviting more guests to join me at Matrix Networking with Positive Networking – well you will be pleased to hear I did it.

I didn’t shy away from the challenge, even though it scared me very much – instead I embraced it, took a deep breath and did that thing I was scared of. I spoke to new people that I had never met before and I even enjoyed it.

When I first arrived one new guest was arriving at the same time, she had only recently moved to the area and was trying out different networking groups. It was lovely to speak to her and hear about her business and goals for Peterborough, we got on really well and I then fully introduced her to another attendee before meeting the next new guest.

I was lucky on my second new guest as I knew them already from another networking group, after telling them what to expect I whisked them off to the buffet table where we had a coffee and chatted more about their business and what they could expect from this event, and how it was different to the other networking group we had met at.

While I was there my two guests walked in together, which is pure coincidence as they didn’t know each other. I quickly introduced them to Mike and Diane, the organisers of Positive Networking, and we had a great chat about the night and how their businesses could work together in different ways – as well as what they could expect from the evening!

And the first part of the evening continued in this way, I grabbed a plate of food and freely (and confidently) mingled around the room in a way I may never have done before. Being Guest Host at Positive Networking gave me the confidence to network properly again and I really enjoyed it.

Then, I arrived at the office the next morning to find an email from Positive Networking that was simply titled ‘Thanks’ and said;

Hi Hazel,

Please accept our thanks for helping as our Guest Host last night. Our guests said how welcome they had been made to feel and, as a result, they are all keen to have follow-up meetings with Mike to discuss membership.

You were a big help and it was much appreciated.

Best Regards,


If I’m honest, I think it is me that needs to thank them, for giving me the confidence to network properly again.