We like to think that sexual discrimination and sexual harassment is a thing of the past or a ‘Hollywood thing’ and while some things have changed and improved, others things are still very clearly an issue.

This is a topic I have wanted to talk about for some time but never been quite sure how to broach it… but today is that day.

I am 33 years old and just a few weeks ago I was sat in Costa – next to me were a business couple / business colleagues talking loudly; A man (Mr Big Balls) and a woman in a pin stripe suit.

“It was all going well until that stupid woman decided she wanted to get pregnant; now she’s never going to be any good at working for us” – she said!

Later he said; “I’m just fed up with dealing with all this crap; so what some guy in the office touched you up…. can’t she just deal with it herself??? Why the hell do I have to get involved… just because I’m her boss? Grow some balls and deal with it yourself!”

This is happening in the now!

I spent 12+ yrs in catering and often had my bum touched by customers because it was ‘the norm’.

I was told to ‘dress up’ when working in recruitment for the construction industry.

I’ve done temp work when I set my business up and been spoken to and touched inappropriately.

The other day on Radio 2 they spoke of ‘pervy’ driving instructors; I had one of those as well.

Just to clarify, for those that have not seen me – I am far from the most beautiful girl in the world; at best and on a good day I am a normal looking, average person in their mid thirties. I am not the type men would jump over roaring fires for.

I’m not trying to jump on the band wagon of the me-too campaign, but I am more aware by speaking to more people, that it’s thought treatments and views of this sort were things left behind in the 70s and 80s – I wasn’t born until 1985 and have experienced all listed above and quite possibly more.

I just want people to be aware, male and female, that sexual discrimination and sexual harassment is still very much ‘a thing’ and if you see it then maybe say something, because the person it is happening to is often not happy about it, they think it’s the norm or they are too afraid to speak out for themselves.