Writing a business blog post once and then another one a few months later, twice the next month and nothing for another 2-3 months is not blogging seriously for your small business. The time it takes you to write these sporadic blog posts is wasted because it is not regular and will not have as great of an effect on your SEO as regular blogging will do.

If you want to blog seriously for your small business then you need to choose how often you will be blogging, if this will be weekly or monthly for example. Here at Creative Content Company we update our blog with a new blog post every other day, but it’s easier for us as we have loads to talk about. It can be trickier for some small businesses.

You need to make sure that you do your research on your chosen topic, but also make sure that it is a topic that will be of interest to your target audience. A great way of choosing topics is to create an editorial calendar as this allows you to choose topics that you could focus on for certain months or seasons. This means none of your products or services are missed out as you’ve planned it out in advance.

It’s a great idea to set up a newsletter too; this will work alongside your business, be another way to stay in contact with connections and can link back to your blog posts too so the reader can find out more about you and your business. If you’re struggling we can offer newsletter creation for you to set up a template for a one-off fee, or we can create the newsletter content for your monthly or quarterly newsletters.

Make sure that the blog content you create is share-worthy and you share it on your social media; if your blog content is evergreen then you can share it time and time again, not everyone will see it if you just tweet a link once or twice and share it on Facebook or Linkedin. Make sure you have a catchy line that makes the reader want to know more and click from social media to your blog post.

A call to action is a good thing to have in all of your blog posts; sometimes these can be at the end as a close to a blog post, but sometimes they can be in the middle too. You can go as soft or as hard as you want with your call to action, but make sure it encourages the reader to do something else; either buy from you, contact you or click to another page to read more.