Experts have proven that having your keyword in your url will help your website gain a high ranking on search engines like Google. This has been much debated, but if you do not currently have a url / domain name and are thinking of the best one for you it may be worth sticking a keyword in it as a chance for extra bonus points / Google love.

It has been claimed that having your keyword in your domain name / url is a basic change to make but is high influence on search engine rankings with experts claiming that putting a keyword in your domain name or url you will rank better for the keyword you are targeting.

You don’t need to have an exact match keyword / keywords in your domain name but a pointer towards them. For example, we do content for websites and this is the main of our business so our domain is as well as (the second was purchased more recently to make the url shorter with the new domains that were available.

You could you domain / url as follows; or you can include the keyword in the full url string, resulting in something like

Experts claim this will make Google happy which will result in your website being ranked higher on search engines but it will also come up ‘bold’ in your website address when people using search engines search for the keyword and your website address is an exact match.

This will then help draw more searches and visitors to your website which will give Google the impression that your website and the page are useful, relevant and worth visiting and Google will subsequently rank you higher on the search engine.

Of course if the page or content on the page is not useful and your bounce rate goes up then Google will feel the page is not useful and you may even be dropped down the search engine rankings so make sure the website content on the landing page of the url is engaging website content, interesting website content and website content that the visitor wants to read.