As we have all heard by now, Mo Farah has been hugely successful in yet more competitions, achieving more with his talents and inspiring more people. After his recent races he was of course interviewed by the media and he gave a very interesting quote in response to a question he was asked about dreaming of winning and responded with the following “I don’t dream of winning; I train for it”

This is so true of all people of all backgrounds but in this blog post I would like to reflect on how important this is for a business; you may dream of becoming super successful in what you do and your business taking off all around the world, but is this actually what you want? Do you want your business to rapidly expand overnight and if it did could you cope with the sudden growth in your business?

Personally I think it takes training to get to that level, whether that is training from a business coach or mentor who will help you understand the processes in your business and how these can be changed and improved to better your business, or training from a HR consultant who can help you understand how to employ and treat your employees as your business grows.

However we have to remember that while Mo Farah may be the name we know, he is not a one man band in the business sense. He is the name of the business, so to speak, and behind the scenes he has a team of supporters who help with his training, help him to know what to eat and drink, what to say in interviews and such like.

It should be the same to create a successful business, it’s all well and good to dream of winning in business, but as well as training for your business you also need to make sure you have the support network behind you to help you when you do ‘win at business’.

Here at Creative Content Company we would like to be part of your support network and help you achieve a winning business, we are here to offer social media training that will help you understand how you can make the most of your business on social media, but we can also manage your social media platforms which will enable you to get on with the thing you are good at and the thing you enjoy – running your business.

So what’s it to be; will you dream of winning, train to win or create a support network to enable you to win?