We’ve all seen the scaremongers in the media, on the news and even on the social media pages themselves; all claiming that the end is near for social media and it will very soon be a distant memory for many of us. While I agree with part of these statements, much of it I find myself disagreeing with and here is why;

Yes – there will be a day when the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn come to an end, not because social media has died a death but because newer things will come along and replace it. That said these platforms may not come to an end, people may just lose interest and follow other new trends.

When I was a child we had the standard 4 channels, I remember sitting in my sisters room, with the ‘twist to find a channel’ black and white TV waiting for the Spice Girls to launch Channel 5. Since then we have had hundreds of new channels, maybe even thousands for some of us. Yet that doesn’t mean we have all stopped watching the standard 4 channels – we just watch less of them as we are watching other channels and this is likely to be the same for social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

We recently saw a report that listed the growth of social media since 2014 and the results are definitely leaning in the direction of growth as far as we can see.

Social Media Users;

In 2014 26% of people in the Uk used social media, in 2015 this grew to 29% and in 2016 the report has come in with 31% of people in the UK using social media.

Mobile Social Media Users;

Mobile social media users are growing too and this could be down to the likes of Periscope and Facebook Live allowing you to present live to your audience from your mobile device, of course the sharing of photos is easier on a mobile device too so this could be another reason for the growth in popularity?

In 2014 26% of those people in the UK were mobile social media users, by 2015 this percent grew to 28% and as of 2016 this percent is now 30%.

Our point is, if you are avoiding social media for your business in the hope that it’s a faze that will soon dry out then you could very well be wrong and its likely you’re missing out on a lot of potential clients for your business.

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