Do you think that LinkedIn is working for you? Are you getting relevant engagement for your business? Is your LinkedIn presence attracting new clients for your business and gaining more sales? If you have answered yes and you think that your LinkedIn is working for you, then stop reading now and go off and have a little happy dance.

However, if you feel that LinkedIn isn’t working for you then read on. We share the few critical elements that you need to make your LinkedIn presence work for you and your business. By following these tips and improving these elements can help you transform your presence on LinkedIn. This will make sure it really works for you.

So, what are the critical elements that you need to ensure your LinkedIn profile can work for you?

  • Profile

You need to have a great profile. This should include a photo of you, your full name and your job role. Make sure your profile is up to date, has no typos and include previous employers and job roles. This helps make you more real to visitors to your profile. You’re no longer a company or a job role, you are a person.

  • Posts

You need to have interesting posts on your profile. These could include links back to your blog posts and engaging questions for example. Including photos of your business and you will help people engage with your profile too. The better your posts on LinkedIn, the better LinkedIn will work for your business and for you.

  • Time

It’s important that you invest time in your LinkedIn presence. Posting loads on one day and then nothing for a couple of weeks won’t work. You can’t just post stuff either. You need to engage with others on their posts. It’s important to respond to those that comment on your posts as well. By investing time in your LinkedIn presence, you will gain more success from it.

Of course, there are lots and lots of things you can do on LinkedIn to make it work. However, if you have the critical elements in place, it will make it a lot easier for you to succeed on this platform.

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