Blogging used to be something for hobbyists to do. In fact, that was how my business started. I was writing for fun, as a hobby. I was then headhunted by a media agency in Peterborough. However, that was about 12-13 years ago now. The world of online marketing and blogging has changed a lot since then. With business owners investing huge amounts of time and money in blogging, is your business blog competing for attention?

Both B2C and B2B companies are leveraging blogs for their marketing campaigns. This is because business blogging works. There has been some incredible research that backs this up too. For example, research by GrowthBadger completed research in 2021 that found 91% of B2B marketers reported that their companies blog regular. In addition to this, GrowthBadger also found that 86% of B2C companies blog, in the same research.

This research easily shows just how much your business blog could be competing for attention. However, there are other challenges to blogging for your business. Orbit Media completed some research in 2020 where they looked at the biggest challenges that bloggers face when blogging for their business.

The biggest challenge that those blogging for their own business face is finding the time to not only create the content, but also promote the content. The research by Orbit Medias found that 52% of people blogging for their own businesses experience this challenge. In addition to this, 47% of bloggers face the challenge of driving traffic to their blog posts.

38% of people blogging for their business find it challenging to consistently create great quality content for their business. A further 32% of those blogging for their businesses find it challenging to come up with relevant topics and blog post ideas. Finally, 15% of those blogging for their business feel that they don’t get enough support from the business they work for.

Do you write the blog posts for your business? Have you faced these or similar challenges too? Here at Creative Content Company, we can help you overcome these blogging challenges. Our blog writers can create the blog posts on your behalf. We will also help your business blog with competing for the attention of your target audience. Call us now to find out more.