While many marketing experts state that content is king, other marketing experts claim that social media is where the true power of marketing lies, while traditional marketers still focus on cold calling that results in appointment setting.

But what about email marketing? Is email marketing still reliable – and could it be a good marketing tool for your business?

Here at Creative Content Company we use Mailchimp for our e-newsletters and this works extremely well for the business. We get a really good click through rate and usually one or two new clients per email newsletter too.

We have put together some stats from across the internet to help you understand if e-newsletters could work for your business and become a strong marketing tool for you.

  • A report showed that from 2013-2014 revenue from email newsletters increased by 28%.
  • It was reported that 60% of marketers strongly believe that email marketing produces a positive return on investment.
  • Research shows that 40% of qualified leads discover the website via email newsletters.
  • Surveys showed that 64% of decision makers read email messages via mobile devices; so make sure your e-newsletter is mobile friendly and not too lengthily.
  • Make sure you add social sharing buttons to your email newsletters too, which is easy in Mailchimp. Research shows that by adding social sharing buttons to your e-newsletters you will increase your click-through rate by more than 150%.
  • Another report found that 56% of businesses planned to increase their email marketing efforts during the year of 2018. Were you one of them?

If you aren’t sure if email marketing and email newsletters could work for your business then why not give us a call. It’s not an expensive marketing tool to use for a business, but it could become the best marketing tool for your business.