Did you check your emails this morning? Had you received any emails? Of course, you have. That’s because emails are still happening and therefore email marketing is still taking place and working for many businesses too.

In this blog we ask, and answer, the question “Is email marketing still effective in 2020?”.

Have a read of this blog post and see what you think.

Here at Creative Content Company we find that email marketing and email newsletters really work for us. We have written numerous articles in the past explaining just how well they work for us. On average, every email newsletter we send after a large networking event (60+ attendees / contacts) we get at least 1-3 new clients.

When you post new updates on your social media platform you are hoping your target audience, contacts and connections will see the post. Hopefully they are on the social media platform when you post it or maybe their friend will share it with them or tag them in it.

However, when you create and send an email newsletter to your target audience it is going to their email inbox. They will only see it when they log on to their emails and open up your email newsletter. Unlike Facebook for example, where the post will move down the newsfeed and they may see it if they scroll down far enough.

Email newsletters are even better that blog posts in some ways. Unlike uploading a blog post on your website and waiting for Google to see it and then send your target audience to it, you are sending it right to the reader. It is in their inbox, waiting to be opened and read.

What if they read it and aren’t interested? What if they delete the email newsletter without reading it?

So what?

They have still seen your name, your business name, brand or logo. You have popped your business back to the forefront of their mind. This means when your target audience do have a need for the product or service you offer, they will remember you.

Is email marketing still effective in 2020? We think so. Call us now and we can help give email marketing a try for your business.