When it comes to online marketing and digital marketing services there are lots of myths surrounding it. As you begin planning your digital marketing strategy there are a lot of myths that can hold you back. One of these most common myths is that email marketing is outdated. This myth has resulted in many business owners avoiding email marketing as they don’t think it works.

In this blog post we separate fact from fiction and bust this myth. Email marketing is not outdated, and it can be an excellent marketing tool for so many small businesses across the UK.

When someone tells you that email marketing doesn’t work because it is outdated, it probably means that it doesn’t work for them. This doesn’t mean that it’s because it is outdated. Instead, it might be that they are doing it wrong. They could be sending their email newsletters to the wrong audience or they might just not be getting it quite right.

If your marketing isn’t generating sales for your business, then you should reassess what you are doing. Marketing, including email marketing, works for all sorts of business. However, it only works when it is being done right.

Email marketing should be personalised to your business and personalised to your customer. It can be an extremely cost-effective and successful way of promoting your brand. However, only if it is done right.

Take the time to think about what your target audience want to read about or see from you. If you’re not sure, then ask them. Keep checking in with the receivers of your email newsletters to see what they think and what can be improved. This will help ensure that your email marketing doesn’t become outdated.

If you would like a free review of your email newsletters, then drop us a line. We can let you know the good, the bad and the ugly so you can make it better for your audience and more successful for your business. If you would like to start an email newsletter campaign for your business, call us. We can create the design and content for your email newsletters. Drop us a line to see how we can help.