When it comes to a content marketing strategy, you can’t do it all. There are some things you will be able to do with ease. Meanwhile, other things won’t be right for you, your skills, your business or your industry sector. However, if blogging is not part of your content marketing strategy, you might need to start your strategy again.

As of the end of 2023, blogs remained the most commonly used online content format. This was found in research by surveys of digital marketing consultants, website owners and creators of content. If they are all saying blogging is commonly used, then you need to make sure it is commonly used by your business too.

An analysis was also completed in 2023 that looked at leading websites. This research analysis found that blogging is the second most popular content marketing strategy. First place was social media. This means that blogging is ranked higher than other content marketing tools such as case studies, eBooks and infographics.

It has also been reported that almost 90% of B2B companies employ blogging as part of their overall marketing strategy. The research also found that most of these companies are publishing fresh blog posts a minimum of once a month. While it’s not always a good idea to follow the competition – there’s good reason to do so on this one. Blogging should be part of your content marketing strategy because it works.

Just because your competition has blogging as part of their content marketing strategy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t too. Your blog posts don’t have to be able the same topics. They certainly won’t be written the same, because your blog posts will have your voice and tone.

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