Of course the rules to making Google love you, your business and your website to the end of the world and back are never going to be easy. These rules to some Google love for your website are constantly changing and sometimes never even known about – but experts are claiming that as well as good quality and unique content, internal links are very important as well.

Let’s start with the basics; an internal link is a link on your own business website that goes from one page on your website to another page on your website, internally linked two of your website pages together. Not only does this make navigation around your website easier for visitors to your website, it also makes Google give you some points that may help you move your business website up the search engines.

So where can you put internal links on your website?

It’s really important that you don’t just stick random internal links across your website which mean nothing to anyone, or offer no benefit for visitors to your website. This won’t help anyone and Google will soon see you’re trying to trick them and you could be penalised for this.

Instead look at internal links that will help visitors to your website, for example, if you have an add on product that works well with another product then put an internal link from the main product page to the add on product.

If you have written a blog post about the benefits of a product or service stick in an internal link where they can see the product or service, or they can see the benefits blog post you have written. We often write a few blog posts on the same topic so we would link the follow up blogs through internal links so the visitor to the website can learn everything they need at that time from us, in one visit. Instead of having to go to a competitors website to find out something we didn’t touch on, or we did but they couldn’t find it.

It’s really important to try and get as much ‘Google Love’ as you can, but always make sure you put your customer first – the visitor to your website could be your next customer so your website needs to work for them first and Google second.