Internally linking within your website is rumoured to be extremely good for SEO and can help your website climb the rankings of Google. The thought process is that if one page of website content on your website can link to another page of website content then you are not just uploading ‘any old website content’ and therefore Google will be happy to direct traffic to your website.

It also improves the user experience for visitors to your website as they will be able to learn more about you, your business and services or products by being led through the website, by you.

But what is Internal Linking?

Internal linking is the linking of one page of your website to another, for example, if you have a Meet the Team page there could be a tab at the bottom for contacting the member of team and this goes through to the Contact Us page on your website. See all the blue and underlined words and terms on this page? That is internal linking; talking about a service we offer and internally linking through to that service page.

Technically, How Do I Internally Link Pages?

To internally link on your website, when you upload new website content you will see a ‘chain link’ type image, you need to highlight the keyword, term or service that you want to link to the other page, click on the chain link and insert the url (web address) of the page you want to link to. It really is as simple as that.

Where Can I Put Internal Links on My Website?

There are lots of ways that you can internally link pages on your website, and no matter the size of your business or website there will be pages of website content you can link internally. We have listed some examples below for you;

  • As we suggested earlier in the content, put a link from your Meet the Team page or About Us page to your Contact Us page to allow people to easily see how they can get hold of you.
  • A Services Page that lists all your services with a brief paragraph could then be linked through to a page that talks about just that product or service
  • Any blog posts that talk about your product or service can be linked through to the service or product page
  • You can turn a longer blog post into two or three smaller blog posts and each has an internal link to the next one allowing the visitor to learn more in their own time without being put off by a long page of lots of words.
  • If you offer two services or products that work well together then why not include a link to the other product or service on each page.
  • From your home page you could have an internal link to your Gallery page allowing customers to see what you can do, or your Testimonials page allowing visitors to see you are good at what you do.

These are just some suggestions and of course we can give you many more; if you would like help creating website content for internal linking or advice on how to internally link your website pages then please do not hesitate to contact us; we would be only too happy to help you achieve more with your business online.