There are some return of investments (ROI) of social media marketing for businesses that are nearly impossible to track and in this blog post we have put together that survey results that we found really interesting and wanted to share with you.

We feel that successful social media management for businesses is beyond the sales gained on social media as well as clicks and sales and these stats and proven results should help you see why we feel this way;

The Closing of Business

72% marketers researched stated that using social media for business had helped them closed sales with customers.

Creating New Partnerships

45% of businesses that invest time in social media for their business have reported that they have gained and created new partnerships that have helped them grow their business and offerings.

Marketing Costs

Many marketers researched reported that the use of social media to promote business had prompted a significant drop in marketing costs for their business.

Search Engine Improvements

65% of marketers surveyed confirmed that by spending at least 6 hours a week on social media had resulted in a noticeable improvement of their rankings for chosen keywords of their business website on search engines such as Google.

These are not easy things to keep track of for your business as they may not be immediate results, especially in regards to search engine rankings which can take some months; however these are genuine things that marketers and other businesses like you have seen when they have used social media for business.

If you would like help to close business on social media, create new partnerships, reduce your marketing costs or improve the ranking of your website on search engines like Google then please feel free to contact us directly.

We can offer some social media training to you and / or your team or manage your business social media accounts for you if you do not have the time. The Creative Content Company are here to help you achieve more for your business online.