I am thrilled to be able to share with you the amazing news that we have been nominated and are now finalists for the DevelopHER Inspiration Awards 2017. Over 188 nominations were made and I was lucky to be one of the 42 candidates shortlisted – I am sure you can picture the happy dance that followed on from finding this out!

The Inspiration Award has been sponsored by EposNow and the write up requested people to nominate someone that has been a massive inspiration to you within your career and someone you really look up to.

Before we saw the email to confirm we were finalists, we saw a post on Facebook from Dan Waters Creative Photography that said;

Huge congratulations to Hazel Cottrell for being nominated for the Inspiration award for her amazing work in the community and through her social media company. She has inspired me to do everything from mentoring in a prison and for young people with special needs, all the way through to litter picking and generally being less of a useless lummox!

While we are never told who nominated us for the award and what the reasons were that they put down, if the nomination was anything like this one from Dan then we are feeling pretty confident that we may be in with a good chance of winning this award – but actually we are thrilled to be finalists for DevelopHER awards for the 3rd year running.

We were finalists for this award last year, but didn’t quite make the cut so fingers crossed we can make it this year; it really would mean the world to us.

We would like to take this chance to thank the amazing people that have nominated us for this award and others. We were also nominated for Unsung Hero which we have won the last two years, but sadly we haven’t made it to finalists for this award – but we are still super grateful for the nomination.

Thanks also goes to Vickie Allen for organising the event, EposNow for sponsoring this event and choosing us for the shortlist; and huge wishes of Good Luck go to Lauren Razavi and Faye Holland who we are proud to be up against for this amazing award. Now to wait until 29th November for the awards evening!