In short, SEO is what you do to get seen in search engines when people are looking for what you sell or your business. There are lots of different parts of SEO, for example your website, content and blog posts will help towards your SEO ranking. You can also increase your SEO through social media and that is what we are going to talk about in this blog post.

These are our top tips to increase your SEO through social media.

Optimise Your Posts For Searches

Think about the keywords you want to be found for on search engines, like Google. Use these keywords in your posts on social media. You could also use them as hashtags in your social media posts.

Link Back

Make sure your social media pages link back to your website. This backlink is useful for SEO so you’ll get a tick there. However, it is also good for your audience. If they want to find out more about you, contact you off social media or purchase from you they can easily click through to your website.

Encourage Engagement

The more people share, engage and react to your posts on social media, the more authority you will gain as a business and brand. Try and share engaging photos, questions and polls for example. This will encourage people to engage with you. The more engagement you get the more you increase your SEO through social media.

Be Local

If you are a business looking for customers in the local area, then be local. Talk about the areas you work in your social media posts. Tag local places or businesses. Use the names of nearby towns too. This will help with your local SEO so customers in the local area will be able to find you online easily.

Brand Awareness

The greater your online presence, the better your brand awareness. The better known your brand and the better your SEO will be for your business. By having a strong social media presence people get used to your brand and business. This then results in more searches for your business on search engines, which boosts your SEO.

If you would like help to increase your SEO through social media, call us. We can offer in-person or online social media training. We can also look after your social media accounts for you, posting on your behalf.