There are lots of ways that you can improve, develop and evolve your website. However, you need to get the basics right first. This is absolutely essential for online success. There is no point sending traffic from your social media posts to your website if the basics aren’t sorted. In this blog post we look at how you can improve your website by starting with the basics.

How clear is the design of your website? Can a new person to your website easily find what they are looking for? Is the background colour plain or confusing? Could a person easily contact your business? How easily can they place on order? Are your blog posts easy to navigate so visitors can find out more?

You need to have a clear design and layout of your website. The website needs to offer easy navigation so visitors can get round your website with ease too. Your website pages need to load quickly. Your audience won’t wait around for a page to load. Instead, they will just go to another website. The website of your competition.

As with most things in life, first impressions count. This is why you need to start with the basics when looking to improve your website. It’s all well and good selling the best ever products. However, if the customer doesn’t wait for the page to load or can’t find the page they need, they’ll go elsewhere. Research shows that 94% of first impressions are made of a website based on the design.

User experience is improving for businesses and their websites. In turn, this has meant that customers have become more demanding. They know what they want and expect from the website of a business. A badly functioning website will turn the customer away from purchasing from your business. In addition, it will negatively impact your rankings on search engines like Google. This will also hinder the likelihood of new customers finding you online.

Why not call our team for a website review? We will visit your website as a random person to your business. This will give you the thoughts of a person outside of your business. We will then recommend changes that can be made to improve your website. In addition to this, we can refer you to a web designer that can help improve your website, starting with the basics.

If you are a web designer that needs help managing content for your clients, call our team. We can work under your business name for you. Our content writers will contact you for the pages of content you need. These can then be sent to your client or uploaded to the website by you. You can charge your clients what you want for the content, and you will get a preferential rate on the content from us.

Looking to improve your website with the basics? Call our online marketing team now or book yourself in for an SEO website review service.