By now, nearly all car mechanics will have heard the news about MOT exemptions for coronavirus. The government has stated that a six-month exemption has been granted for all people that are self isolating during coronavirus or if all car mechanics are closed.

If your vehicle MOT expires after the 30th March this year, then you will have a six month exemption of your MOT. This will give you an additional 6 months to renew the MOT on your vehicle.

However, Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps added that car owners must ensure their vehicle is in a roadworthy condition. Garages will remain open for emergency or urgent repairs for those people that do need their cars during this time.

If vehicle owners are complying with the current lock-down situation, self isolating or potentially have coronavirus or symptoms of then the MOT on the car will not expire for an extra 6 months. Vehicle owners will not have to renew their MOTs until the lockdown is over.

If you are a car mechanic or a garage offering MOTs there is a really important blog post for car mechanics that we think you should share with your target audience and potential customers. You should share either one of two blog posts, depending on how frequently you blog and how much you want to include in your blog post.

One blog post, or the first part of your one blog post, should talk about the changes to MOTs during coronavirus. Talk about the fact certificates will only be printed if requested and needed. Explain how payment will be taken and that card payments are preferred. Talk about how the exemption will affect vehicle owners and your customers. End by explaining you can book their new MOT date now.

The second blog post, or second half of your blog post, should talk about car safety. Share things that vehicle owners need to look out for on their cars. Share top tips for checking your car is road worthy. Talk about general maintenance of the car. If you are open for emergencies at this time then include that in your blog post and explain what emergency work is classed as.

You could have a follow up blog of ways to look after your car while you are on lockdown. Talk about using this time to clean the interior and exterior of your car. Maybe clear out the car, fill up the windscreen washer, check the oil and more. Use the blog post to list things that can be done, while on lock-down and meeting social distancing needs.

These are three examples of a good and important blog post for car mechanics. These will really help your target audience, while portraying you as that ‘helpful friend’. Businesses that have shown to be helpful during this time will be successful when coming out the other end.

If you have the time and skills to write this blog post yourself then please go ahead. However, if you would like us to write your blog post or blog posts for you, just ask. We would like to offer you this information in one blog post for £40 or a series of 3 blog posts (as explained above) for just £65.