November was an eventful month with some ups and downs; I was a finalist for 8 awards at three different awards ceremonies; Women Leader Awards Peterborough, Small Business Awards Peterborough and DevelopHER Awards East Anglia; and while I told myself it was the taking part that counts and that just being a nominated is huge, let alone being a finalist… as I attended the awards I was on the edge of my seat in hope of hearing my name.

Attending the Women Leader Awards Peterborough and knowing I was up for 4 awards; Community Impact Voluntary, Creative Industries, Community Impact Charity and Community Impact Professional I thought I was a show in, but sadly it was not to be.

One week later I attended Small Business Awards Peterborough, back at the same venue as the week before. This time I was up for The Peterborough Service Small Business Award, The Peterborough Small Business Owner and The Peterborough Small Business; once again I was on the edge of my seat in hope… but it was no such luck as I found I was a finalist again.

A week and a half later, still in November and beginning to hate putting on a gorgeous dress, getting my hair done and politely clapping for others (which of course I was so pleased for others, but couldn’t being a tad jealous), I attended the DevelopHER Awards at Cambridge Corn Exchange – I was up for the Inspiration Award and had some extremely stiff competition, confidence was not something I was filled with but I was happy to be in a room with such amazing women of the tech world.

I was left in complete shock when I was announced as the winner and even when told to prepare a speech in case I was a winner I had chosen not to as I was sure I had no chance; I had won Unsung Hero at this same event for the last two years and felt I had pushed my luck too far!

Later in the evening the other winners were announced and their stories shared and it was great to hear about all the awesome things they were up to; then the Overall Winner was announced and as the presentation speech was taking place I found myself slowly realising it was me as they mentioned various things I has set up, created and been involved in, yet still when my name was read out I was in shock.

My speech for the Overall Winner?

“I have literally nothing to say; I’m in shock and so, so grateful to you all!”

And still, 3 weeks later – the speech would be exactly the same as I am still in complete shock and can’t believe it.