I am thrilled to confirm that I have been shortlisted for the DevelopHer Awards 2016 in East Anglia, this time for the Unsung Hero (again) and Inspirational Person. I would like to take this chance to thank everyone that nominated me, it seemed I had quite a few lovely people who took the time to nominate me for these awards and I was thrilled to then be shortlisted by the judges.

The Inspiration Award, which is sponsored by Sojo App, I have been shortlisted for is to be given to someone that has been a massive inspiration to others throughout their career and someone who others really look up to. For this award I have been shortlisted with Sam Parnell and Emma Woodhouse.

The Unsung Hero Award, which I was lucky enough to win last year, is to be awarded to someone that isn’t often in the limelight but does an amazing job day in and day out and others feel they really deserve some recognition for the work they do. I have been shortlisted with two other fabulous ladies, Sam Parnell (again) and Yingxin Jiang.

I was thrilled to have been nominated for these awards and honoured to have been shortlisted by the judging panel which includes amazing people including Paul Greyner of Naked Element, Elizabeth Scholefield of Axon Vibe, Julie Bishop of Jobhop, Ruth Cheesley of Virya Group, Simon Arnold of Hays, Jon Skeet of Google, Michelle Pollard of Spider Recruitment, Salena Dawson of FSB, Sean Clark of SweanClark.com, Tom Haczewski of The User Story, Jane Galvin of Barclays, Nicola Rogers of Hurren and Hope along with Mark Richardson, Amy Nicholson and Deborah Shakespeare of Microsoft.

Again, I would like to thank everyone that nominated me, the wonderful judges that have shortlisted me and the excellent ladies I am up against for this award.

I will let you know in November what happens at the awards ceremony in Ipswich.