As a woman in business, sod it – as a person in business, I am really not very good at saying “You know what, I’m good at what I do!” I blame this on the fact I am a woman and we can sometimes feel like we are bragging when we say that we are good, and often I will shy away for fear of coming across as bragging.

However, I also want people to know that Creative Content Company are good at what we do – we always collect (or try to collect) testimonials off clients when we have been working with them for some time.

(This is something we highly recommend our clients do, not only is it a way of updating your website and online presence with ‘good stuff’ but it also shows visitors to your website and social media that ‘real people’ think you are good at what you do.)

As December came to a close we were looking back at the clients we had worked for and realised we hadn’t collected testimonials off some of them, we may have asked and they were too busy at the time or they may have slipped the net and we forgot to ask them. So in December we emailed all our clients and we were amazed with the reviews that came back.

We have a testimonials page on our website and it is crammed full of testimonials – we have been told there are over a hundred but we haven’t counted them as we just kept scrolling and scrolling down the page.

Often we forget the clients we have worked with and some of these clients have gone on to achieve amazing things; they have also said some really amazing things about us too. Reading through the testimonials page recently (we have put on over 10 new testimonials in the last 3 weeks), something suddenly dawned on me.

I’m actually quite good at what I do – and you know what? I don’t need to tell people that I’m good at what I do and Creative Content Company are a good company, because we have a bucket load of clients that are happy to sing our praises for us.

Thank you to all the wonderful clients that have not only chosen to work with us, but have also taken the time to write wonderful reviews about us too.

We think you’re all awesome!