Here at Creative Content Company, we are very lucky to have won and been shortlisted or finalists for a number of business awards. As a business we have worked hard and grown successfully. We help lots of businesses locally and across the UK with their online marketing. Through our awards we feel lucky to have been recognised for our hard work, business success and dedication. Now we have another award to add to the list of business awards. Apparently, Hazel Andrews-Oxlade, the owner of Creative Content Company is a Top 10 Most Successful Businesswoman To Watch, 2022.

You’ll have noticed we said ‘apparently’. That’s right, apparently, she is a Top 10 Most Successful Businesswoman to Watch. Where did this award come from you ask? Or perhaps you are wondering where the doubt has come in?

So, it all began when we got an email. Oddly enough it went straight into spam! The email explained that their research team had recognised our work on the basis of our achievements, business acumen and execution of our strategies. Further to this it was out strong business initiatives that got us chosen as a Top 10 Most Successful Businesswoman to Watch.

The email went on to explain that we have also been shortlisted to have a feature in their magazine. This magazine will feature women leaders that have delivered the highest returns through a strategic repositioning and operational discipline over many years.

For the small fee of just $1999 USD we can be chosen to feature in the magazine. And this is where the doubt came in! It was a magazine that we had never heard of. Even Google had marked the email as spam. We agree that Hazel is a great business owner and successful in what she has achieved. However, even she wouldn’t class herself as a Top 10 Most Successful Businesswoman to Watch.

If you have been selected for a business award by an organisation you have never heard of and you’re being asked to pay for the privilege – chances are, it’s a scam!