You know all the women all overt the world? There are some pretty amazing ones out there aren’t there? Malala Yousafzai, Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama for example. Don’t forget Eleanor Roosevelt and Margaret Thathcher perhaps? Madonna and (my personal favourite) Amy Schumer are pretty empowering women, aren’t they? Granted, not all in business. But, some could be classed as women in business.

You’d expect to see some of their names in a list of the top 10 most empowering women in business, wouldn’t you? Perhaps, you wouldn’t expect to see little ol’ Hazel Cottrell from Peterborough in the list? A blogger and social media manager. A lady that has run a small business of 4 people for just over 8 years.

Well, you’d be wrong. According to the ‘research team’ at CIO Look Magazine!

I recently received an email. Well, 5 to be precise (as apparently, I needed to be reminded of this achievement)! The email said that I have been recognised. Apparently, CIO Look saw a need to recognise the women leaders across the globe and celebrate the fact nothing has stopped them during the pandemic.

The research team at CIO Look Magazine have recognised me, based on the basis of my achievements. They have also taken into account my business acumen and execution of my strategies, (my what now!?!?!?). The research team have been impressed with my initiatives and leadership qualities. This is why they have shortlisted me as a Top 10 Most Empowering Woman in Business.

I know you are already jumping up and down with excitement for me. Or perhaps you are picking up your jaw off the floor as you’re still unsure how I pipped Michelle Obama to the post? However, I haven’t even got to the exciting bit yet.

For just $4000 USD I can feature in their magazine. I’ll get a one-year branding package. I can have a cover story profile too.

If you hadn’t noticed the tongue in cheek style, or the pure mocking of this ridiculousness – I will not be accepting. As hard as the decision may have been!?!?!?

Interestingly, just a few months ago the research team at this magazine selected me as one of the highest earning women in business in the world too. If I’m honest, this worried me! I have seen my bank balance. If I am one of the top ten earning women in business in the world, we have a lot to worry about!

This bullsh*t is all around us. I just fear that some people fall for it and waste a lot of money. Yes, it’s a nice little ego boost – but it’s clear it isn’t real. Just like those emails of random awards you win and for just £300 you can get a certificate to show off to friends.

We are all awesome in our own ways. Recognition is great – but only when it’s real.

But if you do bump into any of my exes, feel free to drop into conversation that their ex is now a top 10 most empowering woman in business!