As many of you will know, I volunteered as a race marshal at Race for Life in Peterborough in July, it was a fabulous event and incredibly inspiring. Having received an email from Race for Life, Cancer Research UK I can confirm I have helped to raise £50 million handed out 500 times more medals than those won at the 2012 Olympics and been part of 8,373 volunteers without whom the events would not have been possible and the huge amounts of money not raised.

I truly felt like an amazing human being by volunteering, being a race marshal and cheering people on and I was thrilled to hear that the events raised over £50 million, this money I find hard to comprehend in my own mind because it is such a large figure. It’s great that so much money has been raised for such a worthwhile cause.

For those that are connected with me on social media you will know that I have been to 3 funerals this year, all were friends, all were aged 50s and 60s and all died of cancer. I have been through the process of anger and upset, swearing about cancer, telling cancer I hate it, complaining that at 31 years old there is no reason I should have been to 3 funerals of friends and wondering how on earth it is possible that in this day and age with so much money raised can cancer still be causing so many deaths – yet here we are.

I can moan and complain about the matter, as many of us do, or I can do something about it – which is something more of us should do… and here is your chance. I am running a Macmillan Coffee Afternoon at Norman Cross Gallery on 30th Sept 12noon -2pm and all I am asking is for you to make a cake or two and come along and join us for tea / coffee and cake. It’s a small step for all of us, but all I did before was marshal a race and I helped raise £50 million – imagine how much more can be raised when cake is involved.

Cancer is rubbish, it’s a horrible illness and while I respect and understand that we all need to die somehow, I don’t agree that a painful fight with cancer is how we should go so please help me raise money for cancer charities and for Macmillan Cancer with our Coffee Afternoon in Peterborough.