I was thrilled to come home recently and find a large brown envelope on my doorstep – don’t we all love post that isn’t a bill? I had no idea what it was but very excitedly ripped open the envelope to find a lovely thank you note, a certificate in a thick card frame and a pin badge to thank me for donating blood ten times.

What a wonderful surprise? Suddenly I felt extremely special, I was reminded of the tears I had shed when I was giving blood – I am a massive wimp when it comes to needles! I was also reminded o the lives I may have helped to save.

When you give blood you now receive a text to say where and when your blood is being used, most recently I was sat eating a delicious cream scone at Dobbies with Creative Networking in Peterborough at Afternoon Tea and I received a text to say my blood was being used right now on someone at Peterborough hospital. It was an amazing feeling to know that while I was trying to make sure I didn’t get cream on my nose, I was maybe saving someone’s life!

To then get home and have a certificate and a badge a few days later just felt amazing.

When you give blood you really are made to feel so special, the nurses are kind and every single one that comes into contact with you, takes the time to thank you for donating blood and taking time out of your day. It is an incredible feeling.

Here at Creative Content Company we blog for blood, if you share a photo of yourself giving blood, tag us in the social media post and use the hashtag #BlogForBlood we will create a blog post for your business completely free of charge because we think that anything we can do to help more people give blood will help.

If you’ve not given blood before and are able to then please do, you’ll feel like a superhero when you get that text saying your blood is being used!